Company’s profile:

  • Engineering consultancy;
  • General contractor inner civil engineering work;
  • Design of the air conditioning, ventilation, heating, heat supply, water supply and sewerage engineering systems;
  • Estimates and technical documentation development for domestic and industrial use sites;
  • Assembling and master fitting works, commissioning works;
  • After-sales and warranty service of climate controls and equipment;
  • Audit of the designed projects, selection of equipment;
  • Equipment delivery and complex equipping according to the prepared design;
  • Audit of implemented equipment with recommendations on maintenance and replacement.

proektirovanieThe design department of our company employs specialists who can resolve any customer problems and undertake projects of varying complexities.

Project documentation development is carried out with the help of modern design software such as MagiCad. We use automated calculations that facilitate and improve the creation of these documents and allow us to provide our customer with their relevant documents through electronic media.

serviceWe offer both the set up and maintenance of your technical equipment. Regular technical maintenance of the buildings decreases the maintenance costs of the real estate, helps to neutralize force majeure and the consequences of potential accidents.

We provide service for ventilation, air conditioning, sewerage and water supply, heating systems, boiler equipment (up to 100 kw) and heating pumps.

postavkaAn important aspect of efficient engineering systems installation, both to the inside and outside of buildings, is the management of materials and equipment supply to the site.

We guarantee accuracy in the performance of all given requirements, considering the individual features of the site, due to our wide choice and use of equipment and materials of all types and capacities.

montajIf we look at the statistics of the breakdown of costs in the construction of a country house, it becomes obvious that most of it goes towards the installation of engineering systems. It is approximately 25-40% of the total amount of construction, but the exact percentage depends directly on the complexity of the systems themselves. Usually engineering systems in the cottage and country house are divided into 2 types: external and internal. External (outside) systems are those that are located outside the house. They are installed by certain companies, therefore the choice is almost always limited. Internal (inside) systems provide greater freedom of choice in terms of installation and contractor.

remontRenovation of engineering systems, as well as their installation, needs some craftsmen skills. The first task is to carry out renovation work plan. Old systems are replaced by new ones, and those utilities that can still last for a certain period, are allowed for further use. At this stage, it is important to evaluate what is still possible to use, and what needs to be replaced.