An important aspect of efficient engineering systems installation, both to the inside and outside of buildings, is the management of materials and equipment supply to the site.

We guarantee accuracy in the performance of all given requirements, considering the individual features of the site, due to our wide choice and use of equipment and materials of all types and capacities.

To cover the varied areas of engineering and different price segments «Baltik-Comfort» LLC interacts with a number of different manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials.

Thanks to many years of experience working on both large and complex sites, the supply department of «Baltik-Comfort» has developed an optimal scheme of cooperation with distributors of equipment; as a result the delivery of all necessary materials to the site is performed precisely according to the requirements of the undertaken work.

In the event of an installation aspect (such as installing air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating, water supply etc.) coinciding with general construction work, our company arranges delivery in stages as you move to the building or decoration phase, in order to prevent damage to expensive equipment. This approach eliminates the long-term storage of equipment at the facility.

«Baltik-Comfort» warehouse is located at Moisenko str., build. 43

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