remontRenovation of engineering systems, as well as their installation, needs some craftsmen skills. The first task is to carry out renovation work plan. Old systems are replaced by new ones, and those utilities that can still last for a certain period, are allowed for further use. At this stage, it is important to evaluate what is still possible to use, and what needs to be replaced.

Urgent renovation of engineering systems

Quite often, professionals have to identify leaks in existing systems and to eliminate them. Normally, this should be done quickly, which massively complicates the task.

Major overhaul of grids

Major overhaul is made only in those cases where the engineering systems are old and worn out, and as the result they often break. Generally old grids are simply unable to manage with the load that increases significantly, when production in general is expanding or the type of manufactured products in plants is changing.

Renovation of engineering systems is a procedure that can be given only to loyal and trustworthy professionals. Our specialists are able to make major or urgent overhaul of your grids; they make it at the earliest timescale, and most importantly with the maximum quality.

«Baltik-Comfort» provides a 2 year warranty on the renovations carried out. Please contact our sales department for further information: +7 (812) 275-60-77, +7 (812) 577-16-46.